About Us

The Rathdown Media Institute is a dynamic and growing media training business based in the Rathdown area of south Dublin, Ireland – Blackrock Village to be exact.
But that’s just where we make our courses – we deliver them everywhere via our online step-by-step lessons over on our Teachable platform.
Our clients include PR professionals, digital marketing managers, tourism and heritage businesses, libraries, county councils, artists, musicians, NGOs, charities, and a variety of small businesses.
In other words, anyone who wants to learn how to make their own videos or audio content or who wants to manage their own media content.
We combine off-the-shelf courses with bespoke blended learning for small and big businesses, NGOs and community groups – and we’ve taught dozens of groups both in person and online. Since COVID-19 we have moved all our work online and love the efficiency of online learning – where there’s no travel time and it’s so easy to engage with a group via Zoom.

Aileen O’Meara

Founder Aileen O’Meara is an award-winning journalist in national TV, radio and print journalism in Ireland. She is a media consultant, a video and audio producer as well as a radio documentary maker and also a radio features series producer with www.aileenomeara.ie & www.rathdownmedia.ie.

She founded the Rathdown Media Institute in response to requests for practical, doable and easy to follow media training courses in video and audio content, based on her extensive knowledge and understanding of deadline-driven storytelling for TV and radio based on over 13 years working for RTÉ Television and radio. Beyond her experience, Aileen brings her love of production to every course she leads which is reflected in the quality of the lessons and the results they yield. 

Aileen also offers media consultancy, interview preparation and media production services to large private sector communication teams and CEOs as well as trade unions and NGOs.

To find out more about Aileen go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/aileenomeara/