Effective Business Writing Skills

What you’ll learn:

Confidence and authority in delivering live. Preparation of scripts, learning to engage with the camera, looking well, autocue delivery.

    Who is the course for?

    People who are required to present before a live camera, or before a live audience, and need confidence and training in being their best selves. Ideal for business executives, media professionals, leadership teams.


    Participants must bring material for presenting, ideally in preparation for a real event i.e. a speech, an interview, a script for a live event.


    We provide bespoke  Individual and Group Coaching in a boardroom or studio environment. We access both small studio spaces, bigger “live streaming” venues, and large conference centres if required.

    We record and playback in these sessions for feedback purposes.

    Our course covers Presentation Skills, Moderating meetings, and managing interviews.  

    Our experienced professional journalists and presenters teach confidence, bringing exceptional knowledge and insights to the training process.

      Your Trainer:

      We have a range of professional TV journalists and presenters with international media experience, depending on the bespoke requirements of the client. All bring unrivalled experience and knowledge of presenting to camera, doing live events, and delivering speeches.

      Want to find out more and get a free estimate for our Presentation Skills training?

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