Do you want to make your own podcast, using your smartphone, but don’t know where to begin? We have set out a six-step plan to help you find your niche, record your podcast, edit it and publish it too! Podcasting has really taken off in the last 12 months during the pandemic, and it is quite a crowded market at this stage. According to Forbes Magazine, there are around 80,000 active podcasts online today. However, it is still very much possible to have a relevant and popular podcast and to be found easily online.


1. Name the podcast

Start at the beginning! Name the podcast something that gives the listener a clue as to what you will be talking about. Now is a good time to lay out a description for the podcast too.

2. Introduction

Script the introduction that you will open each episode with. Give a line or two of what the podcast sets out to do, name the presenter and encourage listeners to subscribe. 

3. Record

Firstly, put your phone on airplane mode to eliminate interruptions. You can record the episode on the iPhone Voice Memo app, or download a voice recorder app for android phones. A quiet room is essential to having good sound quality, as well as your positioning to the microphone. Try not to be too close or too far away.

4. Edit

The Voice Memo app on iPhone has the option to trim the beginning and the end of the recording if you needed to re-do it a couple of times. 

5. Publish 

Email your voice memo to yourself and using your laptop, publish the MP3 file onto the chosen platform. Before you publish it there, you will be given the option to add a title, genre and description for the episode. We recommend using ACAST. You will need to set up your free account with your email and password.

6. Plan

In order to have a successful podcast, a plan is essential. Ask yourself the following questions to stay on track. Why podcasting? Who is my audience? What are similar podcasts doing? Can you learn from them? How to be found? 


At the Rathdown Media Institute, we teach podcasting made easy for beginners, check out the course on our Teachable platform here. To find out more or if you would like to set up a Zoom call with Aileen or one of her team to discuss our training services email us at [email protected]

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